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High Court Rule 41A – mediation service for all High Court actions and applications from 09 March 2020 – (Fixed Fee from R1,850.00 per party)
Section 6(4) of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 – mediation service for all matters pertaining to minor children prior to court proceedings being filed (as expressed by the High Court in MB v NB 2010(3) SA 220 (GSJ) and endorsed by the Supreme Court of Appeal in S v J & J (695/10) [ZASCA 139] – (Fixed Fee from R1,250.00 per party)

At RexLex™ Mediations and Arbitrations we focus on legal dispute resolutions by parties voluntarily agreeing to resolve their disputes without litigation complexities or the usual burdens of court processes.

RexLex™ offers two services namely Mediations and Arbitrations either together or as separate distinct services each fulfilling their own function in the dispute resolution process.

Our unique fee structure enables parties to budget for the particular process and while knowing that what they put into the process determines what they will collectively receive from the process. We offer fixed fees not hourly rates and this furthermore enables parties to use the processes constructively and efficiently to achieve the proposed outcome.

One of the main purposes of RexLex™ is to reduce and overcome the financial cost and opportunity cost which parties endure in having to deal with logistics, transport, travelling to and from courts and the costs of waiting around in courts to have disputes determined where there is virtually no assurance that it will be resolved at all.

Why would you want to burden yourself with court litigation processes, traffic, persons who are indifferent to your plight and not geared towards effective dispute and conflict resolution, when RexLex™ Mediations and Arbitrations is conveniently available to you.

At RexLex™ we mediate and arbitrate the following types of disputes:
  • Family disputes including divorces, uncoupling, child custody, parenting plans, child maintenance disputes, marriage-cultural disputes;
  • Labour matters including dismissals, terminations, retrenchments;
  • Property disputes such Homeowners Association disputes, Body Corporate disputes in regard to ownership, governance, rules and regulations, enforcement, levies, fines and penalties;
  • Wills and testamentary disposition disputes, including terms of Trusts, dispositions to Trusts, inheritances and legacies;
  • Commercial contract disputes including shareholder disagreements, MOI disputes, board of directors’ conflicts, Exco and Manco disagreements, commercial contract investments and payment disputes.
  • Trusts disputes (whether business or family Trusts) including Trustees’ disagreements, deadlocks, voting disputes, disbursement disputes pertaining to beneficiaries;
  • Government departmental management disputes.
Resolve your legal disputes without the burden of going to courts

RexLex™ Mediations and Arbitrations is available to parties to resolve legal matters in a much shorter time and at a lower cost in contradistinction to conventional court processes.

Our mediators and arbitrators are highly experienced attorneys who assist with helping you to choose the best option for your particular circumstances.


Engagement of the Process

Invariably, the formal legalistic processes of our law, which have existed for decades, do not give persons comfort in understanding the different litigation processes and obstacles to resolve their disputes in courts.

RexLex™ Mediations and Arbitrations was founded to be your LawKing™ solution to resolving your legal disputes efficiently to enable you to focus your time and attention on your quality of life and pertinent matters in your life.

We do not follow a one process fits all approach and we take into consideration people differences, and their unique cultural differences of life, in a cosmopolitan society in South Africa.

If you are involved in a legal matter and want to explore alternatives to litigation with us, we make it simple:

  • Contact Us to book an appointment to review the facts of your dispute to facilitate the best resolution of your case;
  • Decide which process will best suit your particular circumstances;
  • Sign Up for the terms of reference for the particular dispute process;
  • Schedule your mediation or arbitration date.
Book with RexLex™, your Mediation and Arbitration LawKing™.


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